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Acrylic diamond mirror mantelpiece, separate mantelpiece

Built-in filling: acrylic high imitation drill, 1500 W electric heating furnace

Medium density board frame

The product weighs 160 pounds, about 76 KG

Packing method: packing by pieces

Retail price for one piece: $869

5-10 pieces ladder price: $833

Wholesale price of more than 10 pieces: $794

Electric heating fireplace, built-in 1500 W function heating, ultra-high intensity LED light provides realistic flame effect, reflect realistic flame effect, 3 D flame technology to achieve realistic flame effect. Four-speed flame effect, timing function, low noise, and crystal head remote control make our fireplace a decorative fireplace. Large fires effect and small fires effect throughout the winter.

Cabinets are made of MDF + thick glass, high quality mirror, high temperature resistant, easy to clean, safe edges and Safety angle Set high-grade modern fashion in one.

The 47.2 "long X 12.6" wide X 41.7 "high corner electric fireplace is easy to install and place for a variety of applications, such as offices, homes, apartments, or any place that requires heating and atmosphere

W 47 X D 12.6 X H 41.7 Acrylic diamond mirror mantelpiece, separate mantelpie

SKU: W1005S00001
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