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Transparent tempered glass coffee table, coffee table

The product weighs 58 pounds, or about 26 KG

Metal frame with good quality thick mirror.

Retail price for one piece: $199

5-10 pieces ladder price: $188

Wholesale price for more than 10 pieces: $ 179

Coffee tables for transparent glass steel 2 thick glass, stainless steel fastening four pillar, reinforce the feet with silver color mirror on both sides. This product be made of metal frame + thick glass, high quality mirror, toughened transparent vitreous mesa high temperature resistant, easy to clean, safe and security edges Integrating high-end modern fashion, are widely used in the home office.

Large storage space - a large storage space with a 2-tier storage design that can accommodate a variety of accessories or items, such as laptops, magazines, books, remote controls, or other things

W 39.4 X D 19.7 X H 17.7 Transparent tempered glass coffee table, coffee tab

SKU: W100535591
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