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Champagne mirror three extraction cabinet, multifunctional bedside table

Dimensions of this product:W 19" X D 15" X H 26“

The product weighs 60 pounds, about 6 KG

MDF frame

Retail price of one piece: $229

 5-to 10 piece price ladder $209

 Wholesale price of more than 10 pieces $199

The cabinet is made of medium density fiberboard + thick glass, high quality mirror, high temperature resistance, easy to clean, safe edge and Safety angle. The main hardware accessories are crystal handle, smooth and smooth steel ball guide rail, integrating high-grade and modern fashion

it is also a multi-functional bedside table. It is used as a bedside table to place lights, alarm clocks and books, or as a sofa side table to place snacks and drinks. Three spacious drawers organize your books, magazines, TV remote control, charging cable, jewelry box, headphones, etc

It is widely used in family living room storage small side cabinet, bedroom and office document storage cabinet.

W 19.7 X D 15 X H 26 Champagne mirror three extraction cabinet, multifunction

SKU: W100535962
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