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  • The back of the sweat steaming room

    This backrest basically is for sauna room special backrest, but also can be put on sofa form a complete set to use.Backrest can better let the human body to maintain a more correct sitting posture, the human body in normal life need to naturally bend over or sit straight waist, these two kinds of circumstances will make the muscles and ligaments around the lumbar spine tension, sitting for a long time easy to cause tension around the lumbar soft tissue.The elasticity and endurance of the muscles and ligaments of the lower back are poor, and there are varying degrees of degradation or injury. If you sit on a soft sofa for a long time, it will make your hips and waist deep in it.Sitting for a long time can make the waist and legs numb.It's best to lean against a hard backrest.The design of the backrest just compound the physiological bending of the human body, while enjoying the sauna room, it can also better maintain a healthy posture and sitting posture. The hollow mesh design of the backrest can also play the massage effect at any time in the human body, so that the human body can achieve a relaxed and comfortable state

Sauna backrest

SKU: W63231416
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