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Design concept: our sofa is based on Nordic series, with versatile style, PINK multi-person sofa, full three-dimensional feeling, fruity package, stylish nest shape, so that the layout of home decoration is full of design and simplicity.

Commodity details: flexible placement, can be a variety of combinations, comfortable at will, according to different space with a variety of collocation, play relaxed. 

Size: Our sofa size box1 is 33.07L*9.65W*17.72H (Inch), net weight 21.6LBS, gross weight 24.29LBS. Box2 is 72.05L*13.39W* 20.08h (Inch), net weight is 27.12bs, gross weight is 34.99lbs.Box3 is 72.05l * 9.84w * 32.09h (Inch), net weight is 47.18lbs, gross weight is 57.06lbs.

Comfortable cushion: Environmentally friendly design, 55cm oversize sitting depth, backrest armguard integrated embrace, nest here to have a full sense of security; The seat bag is thickened and full to enjoy the feeling of being hugged. The seat bag is filled with high-density sponge to bring the feeling of sitting in full package, which is soft and deep.

Backrest design: according to ergonomic design, the backrest is tilted back in combination with the waist pillow to create a sense of comfort; High quality 100% Polyester cloth breathable and sweat-resistant.

Foot stand: the rubber wooden foot of tall design is convenient to clean the bottom of the sofa, the material is solid and thick and good supporting force; The internal frame is made of high-quality solid wood + splint, bearing 450kg, which is not easy to shake and deform.


SKU: W481S00018
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