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Design concept: our sofas are mainly light luxury series with versatile styles. The pink orangethree-dimensional sofas are full of three-dimensional feeling, round package and fashionable modeling, which make the home decoration layout full of design and simplicity.

Comfortable cushion: high density sponge filling, comfortable to enjoy more lasting, healthy and environmental protection, so that you can rest leisurely in a busy day. Ergonomically designed for the most comfortable back.

Materials: the frame of sofa is made of solid wood (plywood + LVL wood), which has the advantages of stable wood material, high hardness and strong bearing capacity, and can bear 300kg, strong and durable. The chair feet are made of rubber wood. The well-designed chair feet are more convenient for cleaning. The high-quality polyester fabric is more breathable, sweat-wicking and wear-resistant.

MS002-SOFA Simon 3seater sofa

SKU: W48124769
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