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1.Our Kids Toolbox Set is made of solid wood, sturdy and durable construction, The surface is smooth without burr.

2.The tool box is convenient, and it is also suitable for children to carry out and play outdoors.

3.This play tool kit all parts colour is bright, More attractive to toddlers. Multiple simulation wooden tools are designed for children to enhance the authenticity and let children give full play to their creativity. Include, wooden toy wrench, screwdriver, screw.

4.There is a clock on the left, and children can learn about clock time while playing.

5.When kids play with this toy, they will constantly use their imagination, constantly using Workbench to pretend to do a lot of things. Other kids can also participate in the multiplayer game, not fighting for the toy.

6.This is a good learning toy to teach kids how to use tools, suitable for any occasion as a gift to boys and girls, they will have endless fun.

basic information:

item weight: 1.9 lbs

item size:10.2*5.8*5.4 inch

package size: 11*9*7 inch

package weight: 3 lbs

Kids Toddlers Wooden Tool Box Set,with play accessories

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