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This removable fully wrapped closed sauna box has gray and black options, built-in carbon crystal heating plate, 360° non-dead Angle physical therapy, multi-temperature adjustment, intelligent timed temperature, convenient reach zipper design and thoughtful pocket design outside the box, convenient mobile phone placement, both entertainment and leisure.

Symptoms can be improved of insomnia, depression, limb aches and joint pain, then stress &fatigue relief can be required by usage of the far infrared sauna products, as well as great function to open clogged pores, expel toxic substances, promote blood circulation, improving sleep, and slim down.


Name: Far infrared sauna box half style

Specifications: 29.1*29.1*38.6 inch (LENGTH * Width * Height)

Carton size: 28*13*9 inch (LENGTH * Width * Height)

Net/gross weight: 7.3kg / 7.5kg

Rated power supply: 60HZ /120V

Rated power: 550W

Maximum temperature rise: 65 degrees

Temperature protection: 105 degrees

Power plug: American standard

Box material: PVC pipe

Heating material: epoxy resin far infrared heating plate

Box fabric: knitted waterproof hot foil fabric

Packaging: carton foam packaging

Seat bearing: 90KG

Applicable height: 155-185cm

Far infrared sauna

SKU: W78233981
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