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1、Dual drive Built-in hub motor

The electric skateboard was designed with dual wheelhub motor and 600W per motor. Comparing with single motor, it's more stable and powerful when riding.

Built-in design, motor is better protected, not afraid of wind and rain, water proof and dust proof.

2、Pu wheels

It improves the toughness and strength of the wheel, ensures the rigidity, improves the toughness of the material, and solves the problems of cracking and breakage when the material vibrates.

3、the skateboard look very cool
the skateboard is black in both body and wheel. All black makes the skateboard look very cool.The board adopts high-end standard production in spare parts and technology.
4、Remote control
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cheap 4 wheels fast electric longboard skateboard with dual hub motors 600w*2

SKU: W34807112
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