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1. Material: acrylic
2. Specific size/volume/weight product: 58.5 28.47 22.62
Package: 60.06 30.03 24.18
Net weight: 79.2lb Gross weight: 110

3. Product description (e.g.: selling point, color, etc.)
Oval bathtub,white inside and gray outside, installation type: freestanding

100% glossy acrylic, glass fiber reinforced, durable Environmentally friendly material, non-toxic, non-cracking, high gloss, durable Easy to clean, resistant to many household chemicals and cosmetics

Achieve dynamic curvature and distinctive handcrafted details with individuality

With seamless connection, making the main bucket and inner bucket integrated, no color difference and durable

Refined overflow Chrome finish Refined overflow Rectangular design Prevents water from overflowing into the tub Comfortable bathing

Pop-up bathtub drain Manufactured bathtub drain. Polished chrome plating anti-corrosion and anti-rust, more beautiful and convenient

Top inner space (L*W) minus side width inch): 57.48*27.1

Bottom of inner barrel (L*W) (inch): 39.37*16.9

Bottom of the outer cylinder (L*W) (inch): 42.9*21.6

Internal depth (inch): 16.77

Water capacity (gal):58.08
Plastic drainage pipe size diameter and length: Φ=1.482 =L46.8inch
Gross weight (lb): 110
Overflow hole:with

Faucet: No

Faucet drilling: No

Built-in leveling feet: Yes

100% Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub,Contemporary Soaking Tub,white inside

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