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1.All Alum. market umbrella, w/ Crank, w/ Twist tilt, w/o Base

2.Straight pole size: Dia.38.4 mm, Total lenght:2500mm, The next section length:813mm,Pipe shape:Streak tube,   thickness : 1.2 mm, Frame Color: Matte Brown;

3.Rib size: 14x20 mm x8pcs, thickness : 1 mm, Long rib length:1500 mm, Short Ribs length:650 mm;

4.The drip line is above the ground:Height:2000mm;

5.Umbrella total height:2500mm;

6.Shade Size: 10 Foot/3M;

7.Hub materials:  polypropylene;

8.Twist tilting to one side by 32 degree;

9.LED: with LED light on long ribs. It can be charged by solar energy, It can last for 8 hours after full charge; It can also be charged by an external charging adapter,the umbrella light does not work when the power is charged, We provide this accessory;

10.Fabric: Sunbrella Acrylic , Color fastness 1000h;

11.Alum frame with powder coating finish;

12.Product warranty :2 years warranty;  Construction Quality:Residential

13.Shape Type: Octagon


10\' Octagon Market Umbrella,Spectrum Indigo Color

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