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Pst Bridge Mac Crack Torrent

Microsoft has smartly designed MS Outlook and Outlook for Mac for managing Exchange Server accounts in Windows and macOS separately. But there is no manual method to convert OLM files to PST format and Kernel OLM to PST software becomes a bridge for it. You should use the software and convert multiple OLM files and use them in the Windows platform.

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0SOME "BIG SWINGS" !IN ROYAL AUCTIONPlay in implicate Mfttehei ntKnifkfrhorkcr Club showVariation.PABTLY DUE TO LUCKThe second (Meting for the duplicatemicttmi match at the KnickerbockerWllfcrt Oub rooms. Wt Fortiethtreat, was even more largely attendedChan the lrt and the manner in wlilhthe various hand were treated worather mote Instructive than usual. Ineem deals tlie bidding fn alone responsible for the difference In the scorcIn other It the play. Tn very fewWUa It both: hut In one or two It waspar luck, just a gue M to -h-ro ncard lay.For some reason or other rani playerre always Interested In big "swing"."In handa upon which on side scoresheavily a the neault of a aetata UlM of .ptw. while tin; opposing hands. playedt Another taihle. score almost as heavilyon their elde, owing t. different evs-teni of attack or un oki wnwi ai tr.ese iiiireretu'ean he reantlt were due entirely to theMy because the trump eult whs alwaysthe ame and the value of the tricks neverTied, there being no such thin aslitajora. In brl.lgc the hi swings areflllfly traceable to variations In thebidding;, and In nine cases out of ten toovert) kl. It tip the liand.Here, for Instance, is a classical example of optimism In declaring. Tt wasso. 2 on the M-eond ovening. and thedealer Ml a :21 XA 1 1 3 ai l J 9)3 9 4 8 210 9 7 40450 4 10 7 (0 10 4i 10 s r 8IV 1 ft 9 7 3 24X744There seem.s to have been a markeddifference of opinion a to the openinghid on JCs cards, bid the spadebecause it would be easier to go gamewith it, while others bid the diamond!he;auie there wore more of firm. ThecnpnWIM is a ttj.Ho of time. b-".iiise ,the partner takes It out With hearts B iwill have to deny that suit, and If It Istaken out with no trumps V, will limeehlft to spades.At one table. Z , wiUi the diamonds. A no s ml and Y warft two clubs. !being afraid of t'e apaalaa at no tramp,Wily he could nt trust his partner for ItWO tricks and bid a little slum 111 clubs ,and be done vlth it Is .1 mystery.B ovetvalled tlje two dubs with two ipwnea. If this Wd Is not a gem thewrltftr necr uw one. Dtamonda ieolared on one sues of him. clubs on theother, atsl a partner with nothing toaV and not a sinfflo sure trick in hiswn hand, 13 bids to win elgtat:Of curse 7. doubled, and althoughthat ahould have relieved Y"s mind as tothe spade suit be neither returned tothe olubs nor bid the no trnuiner, buteat tight und set It fcr BOO points. Allthat IS mode was three of his trump,Jiile 7. made all five of his. but eighteen honOMiWherever 7. stjrtsl with the gpada Ywent ik trumps, tlie original spade bidIn, auoh cases preventing 11 from doinganything' rash. if 004 rea Y mnde afraud elam and fort n S." rs-ilnts.That Is fifty-three more than otheri !tor setting the epade contract as theUnit on penalties in dtlpUuata Is 2b.Here ts a very pretty example of ticowings that ore poaajbte as a rwtiit of:tKi Play alone. 1; was Mo and southhad the deal,Q 8 2A k 3 10 95 io10 7 S7 27. itai Ith a tub, 1p.d indT mid no trump At several table, instead of ulttlnx Mill at.d boning to savethe pan, li bid two spade. . went t ithree clubs, cs he could not slop the Ispades, and at .one taVle, a iuppnrtl the IsPadeK without a flick !y li t bird battho queen ottfutppl. in the face of thissi'.ow of sfrtngtli Y dropped the t.trumpef and played lo save the gam.instead of trying tn mak five odd inclubs, which he .on: l t ot iiave done. .Tiie play b lings out several Instructivepoint in tgCtlc, the Hi .t of whlcb Is itbis: if a pcxl playev bids -n t andthen docs not lead i. the card he lendsis either ins partner's declared UU oiit is ft. Hlngleton.v ha tiot naiued any suit .,1,1 doeret ier..i the club, but the dlamot d. IfV reads it corre-tty he puts u the nee Iand returns the suit. II cover Willi 'be,illleen and trimtp. Now o t'-.i-s another point in the Influence of the balding .in the pig) -i niq no trutnn, utlt n Hat no atoppeiIP spader, lliararor h n.ustthing in tleart or clubs or 1some IV Elhas the "lubj htm- elf he trie the eightof hearts, and the play of the ac markha ltlM m l,!, 1! Vow V 1..-..1S- ' !of diamond. B cover and 7. ruff.-.Tiie only obano for another ruff i !hat Y has the king ..f clubs, which Ishlchtv nankmKIa hiAvlna ,-. I We e Itrumti declaration: so 7. lead, a small I.dub. This alio s y to 'lead the tone 1of diamonds, win,bj now t ne top, and35 gets a heart discard.It Is conventional among good players who lead sii.ut suit to piny it down,whether !n leading again. In followingeuit. or in discarding, Wiom t... .e nndaivi played th dauue tl player mustbe out of tne BUlt. ACtltlg,01l tli's inferYA BZtj U 9 54X485 A 3 9 79 37 4 3 P7"! J X J 10 ' !Oaf 4 2 A B 0i 5 26 i 2 Z J A X J 9 ;er.te, Y leads a heart and y. trutnM the '"' l ' "' ' pUvaU aeooud band by p, On the, with tin. i.ii.g. Than he put dummy InWat trick Of all Y mad the queen, Th'a i v-'! the diamond, intending to leadeta trie contract for S0, lexa 3 in hon-l two rounds of spades, Hoping they wouldrrs, net lit. drop. Had llilg Hue or' piny leu foi-rf cour, iu.d r known Uiay hadlo'd V would have mnde a Httle alain,loo"'' hand at no trUmt), as it tiai only 1 f the spade ine. ii Would have been thofour Winning ca&l,el spades. This j oniy trl Dk fur A and M.sho.s a small sain for B in bidding Wiethar for fear thai be might fadepsles ar.d being get, a a gams at no, to I'Jfge the spades or reaeoii, Ytrump would have been worth IV. to ! shifted bis u to the chilis, 7,. mg Ine Jack. Huddeill)' realising thatAt another table the oiijiinii bid wh' '-- :i" reentry, as dummy had nofie gam and V wag equally scared off uw' diamond, V overtook th J:kthe no tiiiuip by the spade bid, but 55 1 U'tth t;' Quean, which forced h in to g,'Kl not lend tha singleton. Two round.f clUb gHOWOd H tb ruff and as y (lidrot. unblock the clubs on the tit -t roundJ.t could not do It on the secondDummy Won the third round of ttumpsend ld a heart. U nne.itiK tln ten. AsV had dlauaniad a heart. IJ led the suitgejaln V led tha Jack of diamonds. Bov6rd and ld bagrt nguiti, mailingtwo rand sad four honors. As theyalready had 34 pultA at this table, thishand put thgm. game and shoved a gain..f TCP lfitgd of .. loaf of 154, ns again:;:lis) nirieto:. lead, Thti la typloaj orihjpucate. n ha nothing ahawver lodo Willi tlitt tiling. It Is all due to Z'erttiitng.Tm .. only one of ti many InstancesUU)4 go t prov duplicate can never.--n.r,n lurk. Ilr 1 a curtoue ez-Ample of it. The deal was No. 7 nd thedealer st Houtli :914 JHi10 I t99 7 2limni Q J 9ft io .; ft J 10 sK 7 t 2Bi t J!ft e i I10 14 1When 7, p,i.ed A bid two diamondsand y two hearts. Tlie bidding continued until A gut It up to five diamonds.At one table V unseed and 7. doubled.At a rather table V went on to five heartsand A doubled.Y tailed to make his five odd at heaitsbecause the ti'icsse of the rluh Jackfailed. A SUOCeoded in nuiklng the fivediamond because the finesse of the clubten heM.Hart Is a deal or which theie were allaorta of -ores trade. It was No. 4, thedealer sitt in vestZ 3 10 9 4 3 8c io a 2876291 I JA Q 8 C 6Oft 8 7tX J 10 7J 7 ift J 9O ft 44 10 4 35 4 3 20 A I 6 S(IIIAt on table 7. started with no trump.This Is pretty forward bidding, as hewill have to deny the hearts If hispartner bids that suit. A promptly bidtwo no tramps, and y let him have it.leading a iienM rive clubs and threehearts gavl A his oOntMOti but not theI game.I Tills locks easy, but there are IS", morepoints !n the hand, as A should have wonthe. game, lie should have foreseen thathe Wanted one more tt I k than ti.e elalitI sure that were I" sight, and led a spade.Now nothing can prevent Dim frommalting a spade or a diamond, no mutterhat hlg opponent do, This is u tryInstructive hand for the beginner,fl'mir.r.y had 10 ur.guard one of thesesuits on t'-.o fifth Club.Her-' ; a s o i eaample of the impartance of asking i partnei whether histakeout l from treaklntag or str, i.gth.Which Is a part of ta tics thai fewpbiyers understand, it wai N,andthe iiri'iet sal northt aC7 A 9Alt5 A X 8 4 210 0 C 67, bid no trump it I not abid. and the club is weal;go(j.ess le Iup to. a paaaad and bid two heart,which 1: passed, If this takeout I fristrength 7. can suppi rt It. but if itis from araakneaa Z oiilv three s'i;ctricks !:i his hand, and the clubs are Iwortblea if exposed ta .1 lead through.,At one table . I rct y called the 4UVones.X .K if V heir's a-c strop? en. ughto b sure ttl'l; winners lie will go ...c lito n trump.- If the- are ong enoughto stand it he wl go back to WfBeing neither, he ie: tie diamond stand :and I mada tare., .sld and simple honors, jThe club king was led up to and (TOO Ithe second trick. Ace and king of trump-1dropped the queen, ar. 1 dummy won the,t ilrd round with the kok, kl dialinga heart, r led the Jack Of apadea and B Ir.,,1 , ie . Mukwhich k ;Vmn ,"WhtU 7. the ten Of spades a put Ion the king ani forced Jt' las' trump Iwith a club, but IS bad to win thenext spade trbl; with the ejueen. BUdllout two l-.earts nnd " spade, as A bad Iplayed the nlbe .i the eight, iblnklng y.had the queen.If Y la left the heart contract Ihe is s. t for three tricks and simple jUqnor, 141 p ints, avtiktng a difference Iof 19 "ti tile death re is one af ibe most re.narkablaaxatnpiescatps to tn lossWt de:'.i'i play that evernota'e at auction,iter sitting north.q x j io 710 8 6 65f 3? 10 9aCy A 6 6 4J0 I 9A 8 6 f 4 aAt m labia 7. i. v..'. iii bat i'.i gltlmat spade ;;d . n tn Brat roundas he has neither lha top in ilutt ttl(nor .r.iug'i oulald o llll up the holesIt wlB he time er qgh to bid spadeson the oni round.A pass-d and V :.t no Lump. WlieB pnased 7. to ikTht leaves T un I, two spado. ImlaappreliaMnnn Ia I 1 'he nature of Z's ho..d. suit, so h"ies back : two r tfUmp. taking ach.t'V'e f'li t',ie 'i.'.irts,Ti.e fiudent ahould m.nk the d merer IsHwaea thh gltuatlon and titoe..r n'blcb N" '. I typical. In No. r.i...... ,. ..''" iieurt bad bad no pretlou"Diq ana . ie e - no way 10 ''ai wnotiierhlg ueart are strong or only long.IU 1 !' ' I'ol, .No. - '. f. "as alien. IVpnd without n bid, so tbat there is! HUetlon Ill til condll ol hi":'''"' M1" : !l lon "'" "'" '"""'Tiler '- tlWtOf(ll no ...,. . foe Vto uOll III olubs, withview to aaklng...ut the spades, aa Y is already i:ipoeaaton of that Infoitnatlon.The stttiai kablfl thing atptatt this bandis th phi; iii one taba, it is a grandtool al no trump fof V, ye; be a. ad.:only two odd.d the l. ion. .ml und dummy he'dI th trlok with Hi nitie. v apparentlystalled to pht :...- tho spadf suit, as bvi igbt along 'ith t'ae fourth round, hulug to rejenter with the dltunoiidg, but Aled a heart and n got h. a-ith th.. apadqueen and A made three hearts.Tills i a elaatieal sainpl of playingfur the Wrong suit. Oil winning thellrst trick wlrn dummy' pin of diamonds V should have made the queenno as lo be out of his own way. Tlionext 'rick Is won by the lack of clubs.Now the small epjd.. puts y in iu makeall bis clubs and two top diamonds. put. dummy In to make the. twoaces, grand slain.V made 30 and 4U on this band. Itw-. worth 10, 40. 1 00 and US ir ooiraetly played. This I I swing of 37'.p.. iota, due entirely to the player himself, apart from any bids or lead madby tb opponent.yA B2YA BZ0 0 6 4 3hi aA J 7 4J 7, C7 I I v' aA J 9 6 6 L B dbft 10 3A v a s I 7 AAft414 K Q 9 7 4A I 8 2XY f il 2A. 13 7 2A B 0 J 10 6PROBLEMS FOR "SUN"READERS TO SOLVEI ual Trap in No. 352. by R.Ci MaUikowakl, Catches Manyof the Cracks.HONOR LINT OF EXPERTSBridge problem No. 353, bv It. C.Mankowski. was rtlculated to give someof the crack another Jolt, as It had theusual peculiarly Mankowsklan trap In It.neatly placed at a point where the attention of the solver usually begins totaper off. Here is the distribution :0i 100QThere are no trumps aid Is in thelead. T and Z want only four tricks,but against any defence.As usual with this composer's rroblems the defences to the false openingsare the most Interesting nart. the BOrs Ired solution being confined to the Judl9Q 3 I51 U ItA 0 32 I fillOA 6 4'cious selection of the proper discards ; spades , no heaitf.and how to meet them. In this rtepait- has the nine five four of trulUpa 1ment of problem construction Mr. Man-; J;" "n six flve of spades; no redcard1'.kowskl is always at hia beat. huH lh(, Jlt,.k ))f hMrts. . Quaen7. leads the ace of hearts, both A and seven of tfumbai ai'e ev,.n four of digV plying small card. B 1ms thssjiholoa I n otnN; no spades.of playing the six or giving up tb"king. Taking the more natural defencefirst. Mippose he drops the six.7. leads the are of diamonds so ns :depr,ve It of the power to throw thelead In that suit A small heart follows und II wins the trick with ttvkin?.Now.t n laa1a iuv snade he 111 ,kest .-,the king of spades and the queen ofJ hearts In V.i hand pood for the twinmore trl-ks ;eqiilred bv the terms of B W"rnt rorm of Strategy, Those NA-ggWOOB, N. J.. Nov. ; -The van... ... I who eolVCd all WHir wee: walker Mr- guard of botlJav vlslto:s arrivingthe problem. Nuppoaa h- leads the ace. XU, ,..... ,,. v u.. Port Plain. V. r.. her to-day, and by Thanksgiving thej upon which A discards a small diamond. 1 and It, C. Mankowakl, New York, This! hotel and boarding houses will lie tille.1' Now If he leads two rounds of winning! tln Up t'ae Pst for a fresh start 011! Beginning TVedndy even tig there Willclubs Y can afford to throw away bothhis diamonds, but '.I II leads the nine oflulis so lis t 1 put A In t will shed the. I. V ..IO . w..l , 1...llnmondivinn 01 ipavn ,iou . iwpand n 1-esi tIf B avoids the spade lull nnd makehi two club tri.ks, Y discards both hiadiamonds, just as If I) had led the aceof spades ls-f .re touching the dubs,Tiie same result follows If r. leadstM ,n,allet. of llU two clubs for thethe smaller or in two oium rar iuet'uro trios. nu . m iov, .......tuar.1 to the spade king and dlacaro if. iNo matter what A leads after winning R j ,.; f'.' jrt II ttiuon I'.lwardt h v urt MufrooiteVe P . McOarr "a, . , ... !..i-... , ., v .... . .make a diamond trait and the queen of , rolk , 1. II Vt-iii -Johnheart. V.," , , .'. ,. .TM bM,. J,fail0 for A und B is un- L , f1 " b, ,. , . . ., ... , ',' !' .' ..,,',, 1 . S' llnr;'tm to 'VP "p th Un93r''" "1 olKken." P. J, MoManusOf hearts on the first trick, as that j and A. I. andi. - .1.- ... e... v n,.t.. ,. recti for ihose thai missed7... ... V.. .1. ILn "ittBiuc on in' se.'.ii'. vi iuui in .I..-., iwhich many did In giving tins varia-,"on.ThU compel 7. to hold ins ae ofdiamond nnd lead a small bear;, put-img in Willi ine queen. nowtabliahg a diamond t:k bv leading thei even, which . wins With the are.A club nt this point gives a or B!lle choice of taking the lead, providedi: iias kept two duos, y diaoardlng tha! losing hear: In either event. If A holdI the cluli with Ibe Jnck he mint lose aI diamond, which is all V n. eds to get(the fourth trick, discarding a spadej on th winning heart.i If H w ins the nlub trbk he can makei the nin


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