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Urbek City Builder Free Download __EXCLUSIVE__

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Urbek City Builder Free Download


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Urbek City Builder: Prologue is a free city building game where you can build your own neighbourhoods: from nightlife district to industrial district. Don't exhaust your natural resources before you have an educated population to build more efficient structures. Try it yourself for free!

Citizens is a blend between turn based city builder and a puzzler for strategy masterminds. Build a thriving settlement, extract and process resources and manage your population by catering to their needs, thus allowing you to build bigger and better!

Smart City Plan is a modern old-school style city builder game: Plan zones, roads, public transport like trains, trams, buses, subways and even the hypertube. Set taxes and policies and implement smart city technologies.

Tranquil Isle is a rogue-lite city-builder in which the player must build up their town by progressing through a research tree while balancing 4 resources, Population, Science, Industry, and Happiness.

Create your own Nation, build cities and bring prosperity to your people. Citystate II is a unique city-builder featuring realistic economics and complex political options. Slums or skyscrapers, experiment and bring about your vision of the ideal society.

City Worlds is a city builder where your playstyle directly impacts the environment and people of your city, allowing you to create a thriving metropolis, a desolate wasteland or even something in between.

This is a free version of Oxygen, featuring the first 50 game-days. Build your city around the Oxygen Center and ensure your people's survival in a post-apocalyptic future, threatened by crack explosions, deadly winds, droughts and frosts. Lead your people and keep the Oxygen Center running!

Civitas is a city and world builder game inspired by Renaissance map artwork. Using procedurally formed landscapes, this historical builder allows you the freedom to progress your Medieval and Renaissance cities without the pressure of survival. Escape into a world of your own creation! 041b061a72


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