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[S1E4] The Gift

The dance between Margaret and Joe served as a reminder of their chemistry, and it made Lettie jealous. She may have gotten the advantage over Margaret when she gave Carmen that sentimental gift, but she lost ground during those moments with Joe.

[S1E4] The Gift

Leslie Knope: Everybody knows that we cannot accept gifts for over $25 for corruption reasons. We live in a fish bowl. Everyone is watching us. That's why I go two towns over if I want to rent a movie with nudity in it.

"Boys' Club" is the fourth episode of the first season of the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation. It originally aired on NBC in the United States on April 30, 2009. It was written by Alan Yang and directed by Michael McCullers. In the episode, Leslie tries to integrate herself into the local "boys club" by drinking wine from an illegal gift basket, and gets into trouble as she tries to accept responsibility for her supposed mistake. In a B story, Andy cleans Ann's house while she is at work.

The episode opens with Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Tom (Aziz Ansari) responding to an incident at a park trail, where teenage boys are picking up plastic baggies of dog droppings and throwing them at each other. Leslie tries to stop them but ends up playing along with the boys and admitting that it is fun. Later, at the Pawnee town hall, a construction company has sent a gift basket with wine and cheese to the parks department, but Leslie locks it away because they are not allowed to accept gifts over $25. Later, she and the others in the department look at a new social-networking site that April (Aubrey Plaza) has set up for the pit construction project. The site already has seven friends, including city planner Mark (Paul Schneider), who Leslie is disappointed to see is friends with many scantily clad young women. Leslie and Ann (Rashida Jones) see Mark and other city planners drinking beer in the town hall courtyard. Leslie describes it as the exclusive "boys' club" and proposes that she and Ann crash it.

When they come outside, Mark and the others welcome them warmly. Leslie enjoys herself at the party and, when the beer runs out and the party is about to end, she keeps it going by retrieving the wine and cheese from the gift basket. The next morning, she feels guilty and, despite her boss Ron's (Nick Offerman) assurance that "[i]t's not that big a deal," Leslie issues a public apology to every government official in Pawnee, including a link to the new pit website. Later, however, she learns April has placed a drunken video of herself drinking the rest of the wine on the site, even though she is only 19. Ron tells Leslie an ethics board has called for a disciplinary hearing with Leslie. Leslie apologizes to the board and defends April, accepting responsibility for the video. As the questions from the board continue, Ron angrily defends Leslie, insisting, "Leslie has never broken a rule in her life, to the point that it's annoying." He abruptly ends the meeting and insists they will have to go through him to give Leslie anything more than a slap on the wrist.

The restriction prohibiting Pawnee employees from accepting gifts over $25 was based on real-life municipal regulations the Parks and Recreation producers encountered during their research. The scenes filmed in the town hall outside courtyard were filmed on a studio sound stage, and the ethics board review scene was filmed inside the city hall building of Pasadena, California.[1]

"Boys' Club", along with the five other first season episodes of Parks and Recreation, was released on a one-disc DVD set in the United States on September 8, 2009. The DVD included cast and crew commentary tracks for each episode, as well as about 30 minutes of deleted scenes.[19] The deleted scenes included on the DVD were originally featured on the official Parks and Recreation website after the episode aired. In one of the scenes, Leslie bought a gift basket and returned it to the business that provided the original one, in an attempt at what she called "ethical restitution". In another scene, Leslie apologized to April for introducing her to alcohol, prompting April to later tell the camera she has had fake IDs in Indiana, North Dakota and Delaware since she was 14 years old.[20]

Don settles on a space heater, considering it the perfect gift. This causes grave concern on the part of Sean and the others who he has kept updated through their group text chain. They cannot believe he is selecting such a non-romantic gift, which they are certain to be a poor choice. Despite their feelings about the gift, when the crew meets up again at the end of the episode, they have a moment with Don that is worth talking about.

Alice now believes Roberto is interested in her, and thanks him for the gift. He speaks little English and is aloof, but eventually picks up some meaning and kisses her hand. Melissa suggests that the Count might have to speak for Roberto, given the language barrier.

The episode starts with a flashback from 1999, in a moment that sees Angela and Marjorie (Elena Goode), Noa's mother, smoking outside. When they get caught by a janitor, Marjorie gives the cigarette to Angela and says that she didn't do anything. This scene sets the tone for a few events that take place during this episode. Back in the present, Marjorie receives a gift at the hospital she is working at and inside the bag is a teddy bear with "Mother of the Year" engraved on its t-shirt alongside a pill container with "Addict" written on its label. As soon as she remembers the connection between this gift and the one she gave Angela in the past, Marjorie tries to hide it for fear of getting in trouble.

Catherine feels she's in a strong enough position to address the Diane problem. She suggests to Henri that, as is customary, she should give her cousin Diane a gift at the coronation, and what could be better than a chateau for her to live in? He agrees. Confident of her success, Catherine designs a crest for them, which Marthe rudely dismisses and invites Diane for a chat. When she is told about Catherine's generous gift, she is uncharacteristically respectful and grateful. 041b061a72


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