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Buy Cable Ties

Founded in 2001, Cable Ties Unlimited or CTU specializes in wire/cable management products for all types of industries and businesses. What began as a small, regional business in a tiny office and warehouse space in Columbus, Ohio has evolved into a 9-acre campus in Brunswick, Ohio.

buy cable ties

Cable Ties Unlimited is a family-owned business and emerging leader in the sales and distribution of cable ties and wire/cable management products. We offer everything from your standard ties to specialty material ties to cover pretty much every application. In addition to distributing our own brand of cable ties, we also represent Thomas & Betts, Panduit, Hellermann Tyton, & Velcro Brand Products, to name a few.

Cable ties are the most popular and economical products that offers. The demand for the cable ties we manufacture and supply is exceptional. Not only due to their affordability but also because of their inherent quality. Furthermore, It is essential to purchase zip ties that are made with virgin nylon 6/6 resins, as quality raw materials affect the tensile strength and durability. Cable ties longevity and overall strength will be significantly affected if the wire ties are made using recycled material.

Cable Ties And More, has supplied and work with our manufacturing partners to ensure we offer the best quality cable ties and zip tie accessories for over 25 years. We have the experience and test data to prove our wire tie quality is second to none.

One of the most common applications for cable ties is supporting and holding cables, wires, and other objects in place. Therefore, the quality of the cable ties are of utmost importance. Cable ties and more uses virgin nylon resins in the manufacturing of most types of cable ties to ensure consistently good quality.

Cable ties, are also known as zip ties or tie wraps in some areas of the United States. Zip ties are said to have an unlimited number of applications, such as: in households, offices, manufacturing industries, automobile industries, marine industries, electronic industries, and many more. ensures that we offer different sizes and types of cable ties that would be suitable for each specific type of application and their requirements. An example of this is the Stainless Steel zip tie that is recommended for applications that can resist various chemicals, salts, and acid exposure. Further, another example is the Velcro Ties and Straps, which are ideal for temporary, and reusable strapping and bundling of wires. is proud to boast its offering of high quality yet affordable cable ties that are available in different materials, lengths, and colors. End-users must know the requirements of their application to utilize the right capacity and strength of cable ties properly.

We manufacture our cable ties to be superior in strength, far exceeding the required tensile strengths used in industry standards, such as Type 21S. Using high quality raw materials which are always inspected by Advanced Cable Ties (ACT) to insure they meet our standards, we proudly make our cable ties in the USA.

Tie down cables and quickly fix breaks using ACT zip ties. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA. Advanced Cable Ties is dedicated to being the best source for zip ties, cable ties, and advanced tie downs to suit any project. Take advantage of our huge catalog of military grade materials, suitable for any level of tension, temperature, or weather condition.

Pair ACT zip ties with our installation and removal tools to quickly apply our cable tie products anywhere at any time. Backed by our 100% Quality Guarantee, customers of Advanced Cable Ties can work with true confidence in our products.

What really sets Advanced Cable Ties apart from the competition is our vast inventory of cable ties and accessories, cable tie products availability, quality assurance testing, and industry certifications as well as the quality and longevity of our products.

Our prices may be low but we are trusted to supply high quality cable ties direct to our customers all across the UK. We can dispatch the same day. We also have a fantastic Printed Cable Ties service which offers full customisation of the cable tie text.

Nelco stocks all of these cable tie varieties and more, in dozens of colors and counts, all of the highest quality on the market. Whether you need the standard 5-inch nylon zip tie in neon green with a 50 lb. tensile strength, or a PEEK High Temp 7-inch cable tie with 150 lb. tensile strength, Nelco has it on hand and can get it to you fast.

Because Nelco manufactures and distributes many of our own cable ties, we are able to offer our products at wholesale prices. Whether you need 100 or 1,000, it is the best place to find zip ties at a reasonable, fair price.

AFT is your # 1 source to buy bulk zip ties. As a leading wholesale distributor of standard plastic zip ties and specialty nylon, metal and stainless steel cable ties, AFT provides our customers with a huge selection at great prices. Easily filter the tensile strength, length, color and material you need for your application. Can't find the exact cable tie you need? Please contact us for a custom quote.

Cable ties (also known as wire ties, zip ties or ty wraps) come in a variety of types and sizes. Different types of ties can be used for different projects. From the stainless steel cable tie for low or high temperature projects, to the releasable zip tie, you will find all the durable, highly reliable cable ties and related accessories!

Are you looking for cable ties (also called zip ties)? A cable tie (zip tie) provides an easy and safe solution to bundle cables or other objects. Our large and varied assortment includes many types, sizes and colors. As a result of long-term relationships with leading suppliers, you do not only benefit from the best quality, but also of competitive purchasing conditions.

WKK offers zip ties of the brands WKK, Ty-Rap and Ty-Fast. We can also supply your zip ties with a private label. All zip ties of the brands offered by us meet high quality requirements. Therefore, all of our products have recognized certifications. This means you know exactly what you can expect of each product.WKK cable tiesThe range of WKK cable ties consists of products for both commercial and industrial applications. Whatever your application, these cable ties allow you to bundle, guide and attach cables in an easy and reliable way.Ty-Rap and Ty-Fast cable tiesThe most famous cable tie brand in the world is the Ty-Rap brand. You can recognize these cable ties by the iconic plastic closure with stainless steel locking barb. In addition, you can also contact WKK for the well-known brand Ty-Fast. Ty-Fast cable ties are made entirely of plastic and have a plastic closure with plastic locking barb.Cable ties with private labelA valued service from WKK is supplying cable ties with a private label. These allow you to enter one or more markets with your own brand. In the case of large amounts, providing this type of customization is no problem. For more information, please feel free to contact one of our advisers.

As the largest importer and distributor of cable ties in Europe, WKK is an experienced partner. We have been supplying our customers with high quality zip ties since 1984. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in various sectors. Our range has been compiled on the basis of this acquired knowledge. Whatever market you are active in; WKK is happy to help you with advice, the right products and associated services.Note: WKK only supplies to professionals (business-to-business) and not to private individuals.

Which cable tie do you need? The answer to this question depends on your specific application.What tensile strenth is required? Up to how many degrees Celsius must the cable tie be resistant? In what environment will the cable tie be used? Are there extreme conditions? Are chemicals used? The answers to these types of questions ultimately determine the choice of a specific cable tie.Do you want to buy cable ties for resale to professionals or individuals? Our assortment seamlessly meets the market demands.Do you need advice? Then contact our advisers. They are happy to help you.

Nylon cable ties in black or natural, constructed completely in polyamide nylon 6.6 with a flammability rating of UL 94 Class V. Suitable for a wide range of uses including in electrical applications and harsh environments. View the range.

I first came across magnetic cable ties while scrolling through TikTok and ended up ordering a pack of 14 on Amazon for $15. I'm always looking for organization hacks that are easy to use, and this seemed like a quick, inexpensive option to help untangle all of my chargers.

I used to throw all of my chargers in a drawer. They'd get clumped and tangled and I'd forget which charger went with which device. Wrapping up the chargers with these magnetic cable ties has kept them all separate from each other, which makes it so much easier to grab the one I need without picking up a ball of tangled cords.

These Fironst ties are made of silicone with magnets at each end. They have a decent amount of stretch to them so you can wrap anything tightly and securely. The magnets are strong enough that they've never accidentally broken apart.

I prefer these to rubber bands because they're more secure and I've never had them break from too much stress. I also tend to lose regular twist ties, but these are brightly colored enough that I've never misplaced them.

The magnets offer a simple but game-changing upgrade over conventional ties, and I'll never go back to regular ones again. I've bought multiple packs and shared them with family members, who are equally impressed.

Because the ties are secured with magnets, anything metal will stick to them. Sometimes when I throw a cord into my bag, a loose hair barrette latches on. They've also attached to other items I keep in drawers, like a pair of scissors. 041b061a72


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