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[S2E7] Class S Heroes

Death Gatling (Class A Hero Rank 8) gathers other heroes to fight Hundred-Eyes Octopus, but Flashy Flash (S Class Hero Rank 13) arrives and grievously wounds it with his incredible speed. Right when Flashy Flash is about to unleash his final move, Tatsumaki (S Class Hero Rank 2) arrives and kills Hundred-Eyes Octopus with ease, berating Flashy Flash for being too slow before leaving, but not before Flash insults her back. Sweet Mask kills monsters in his concert, and Mumen Rider and Tanktop Master defeat monsters in the hospital. Atomic Samurai attends a meeting with the Council of Swordmasters (Nichirin, Amahare, Zanbai, and Haragiri) to discuss the Garou problem.

[S2E7] Class S Heroes

The Japanese manga series One-Punch Man contains a number of fictional characters created by One and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. The series follows a superhero named Saitama and his disciple Genos who join the Hero Association so they can be recognized as such when they fight various monsters and supervillains. The Hero Association ranks all of its members by a Class and a ranking within that class. Characters listed are ones noted by the author in the manga profiles, ones that were highlighted in the anime character list, and ones that recur over several story arcs.

The Hero Association (ヒーロー協会, Hīrō Kyōkai) is a superhero organization founded by the multi-millionaire Agoni in order to fight monsters, criminals, and various threats. It uses a Hero Registry to indicate which characters are recognized as professional heroes, with anyone who is not registered to be considered "a pervy freak who spouts irresponsible nonsense." Agoni created the association after his grandson was saved from the monster Crablante by an unknown bystander (who turns out to be Saitama). It is also financed by donations from citizens.Ch. 15 The association is made up of four tiers from the lowest C-Class to the highest S-Class. The heroes within each class are ranked numerically, with the first ranked hero of each class being eligible to advance to the next tier if they so desire.Vol. 4 New heroes must take an exam in which 50% is a physical test, and the other 50% is a written exam and an essay. A passing grade would be 70% or higher and directly placed in a class from 70% being barely C-class to 100% being eligible for S-class.Ch. 16 They are then placed at the lowest ranking for that tier.Ch. 16 Heroes can ascend or descend in their rankings depending on their deeds, and C-Class heroes who are inactive for a week are dropped from the Registry.Vol. 3

S-Class is the highest hero rank in the Hero Association. Those who have gotten a perfect score on the entrance exam, as well as the top candidate from A-Class, are eligible to enter this class.Ch. 16, 23 Besides Genos, the S-Class heroes in the series are, in rank order:[4]

During the Hero Association's assault on the Monster Association's headquarters in the present, Blast finally appears to take one of God's cubes which Saitama found at a collapsing underground location where Saitama is trapped alongside Flashy Flash and a one-eyed female monster Manako. Blast helps the two heroes and the small monster out of the rubble.Ch. 183 When God attempts to corrupt Tornado by mimicking Blast's appearance, Tornado is able to resist it as the real Blast is nearby, which causes God to retreat. Because his mission hunting the cubes is very important, Blast had been rarely available during the Hero Association's tasks.Ch. 201 Having transported Saitama and Garou to fight in Jupiter, Blast and his fellow guardians' doings helps Garou to realize his mistakes, allowing Saitama to travel back in time to save not just Garou from himself, but also the universe.

Bang (バング, Bangu), who goes by the hero name Silverfang (シルバーファング, Shirubā Fangu, anime: Silver Fang), at rank 3, is an expert martial artist who runs a dojo in City Z.Web ch. 20, Ch. 21 Back when he was young, Bang used to utilize a forbidden martial arts style "Fist of Unleashed Explosive" (爆心解放拳, Bakushin Kaihō-ken) selfishly until his brother, Bomb, redeems him. Inspired by his brother's fighting style, Bang abandoned the forbidden style and invented "Fist of Flowing Water Crushing Rock" (流水岩砕拳, Ryūsui Gaisai-ken) with a similar caliber as the style Bomb uses, and joins Hero Association in the present prior to Saitama's registration to the organization. Thanks to Bomb, Bang becomes wise and displays a great deal of patience when compared to others in S-Class, and often scolds other heroes for being haughty or selfish, just as he was back in his youth.Ch. 150 His sole student is Charanko, owing to the fact that he had a former disciple named Garo who beat down his other students including Sourface until they quit, and Bang was too late to stop Garo from learning his former fighting style. The incident of Garo walking a similar path as Bang had is a painful memory for the latter, and as a result, he constantly looks for new disciples to pass his martial arts on to, as Charanko is fairly incompetent.Vol. 6 He is one of the first heroes to recognize Saitama's true power, witnessing him destroying a meteor that would otherwise destroy Z-City.Vol. 8 After Future Garou sends Future Saitama to stop the former's past-self and successfully redeems him, Bang reconciles with his former student, and helps his rehabilitation while retiring from the association.

Kamikaze (カミカゼ)Ch. 69, who goes by his hero name Atomic Samurai (アトミック侍, Atomikku Samurai), rank 4, is a samurai hero who sports a kimono with an atom symbol on the back of it, as well as a member of the Council of Swordsmasters. He initially refuses to shake Saitama's hand as he isn't S-class, and when Saitama calls him "middle-aged", he replies that he is only 37.Ch. 30 Atomic Samurai is highly skilled with his katana, being able to cut enemies down into millions of pieces in an instant. Within confined spaces, he wields his sword with such precision and speed that enemies are deatomized. He has several students who fill A-Class ranks 2, 3, and 4. He is part of a group called the Holy Order Of The Sword, along with Nichirin, Amahare, and Zanbai, each an exceptionally skilled sword-wielder.Ch. 68 After the deaths of previous swordsmen trios at the hands of a toxic form of a monster Fuhrer Ugly, Kamikaze is entrusted by a dying Nichirin with one of the two Sacred Blades, the Sun Blade, and becoming a new leader of the order, with a mission to search Moon Blade, once the war against Monster Association is over.Ch. 148

Child Emperor (童帝, Dōtei), rank 5, is a ten-year-old boy who wears a Japanese-style elementary school backpack.Ch. 30, 31. He is a genius inventor who uses robots to fight as well as using his backpack to sprout spider-like legs that enable him to ambulate.Ch. 35, 67 In the bonus chapter "Numbers", he devises a mask which functions as a scanner for the heroes and monsters' power levels.Vol. 10 bonus In Vol. 12, he fights a giant Medusa-like monster Ganriki with one of his robots called Dogman.Ch. 67 Various other gadgets have been displayed, each with a unique function tailored to fighting certain enemies. Though he is the youngest of the S-Class heroes, he displays a level of maturity exceeding most of his peers'. He was formerly Dr. Bofoi's assistant.Ch. 149

King (キング, Kingu), ranked 7 at the time of the S-class meeting, is a hero with large claw-scars down the left side of his face.Ch. 30 Genos believes that he is the strongest man on the planet and that the other S-class members show him great respect.Ch. 32 In actuality, he is an ordinary 29-year-old otaku lacking superpowers and loves playing dating sims and fighting games. When King was younger, he was attacked by a Tiger-level monster which clawed his face. But when a younger Saitama defeated it, King was given credit, due to Saitama's lack of registration with the Hero Association. Other similar "victories" depicted show that Saitama and other circumstances cause high-level demons to die near him, and he often receives all the credit. As a result, he was placed in S-Class. King did not protest due to the S-Class perks and wealth, soon becoming one of the most popular heroes. King is often targeted by monsters and assassins; however, due to his luck, his enemies overestimate him and end up running away because of his presence. People have given his special technique a nickname, the "King Engine", which in actuality is his heart beating so loudly and quickly that enemies are scared away. Although Saitama knows of King's lack of abilities, he does not mind giving King the credit, instead, encouraging King to keep inspiring people as an S-Class hero. King and Saitama become friends and often visit each other to play video games. As he was present during Saitama's past life when the latter saved his life, King is the only person who remembers when Saitama had hair, prior to the latter acquiring his powers at the cost of baldness.Vol. 8

His innate fighting abilities are nonexistent compared to those of the other S-Class heroes, so he utilizes his regeneration for unconventional tactics that pinpoint the opponent's weaknesses. Battles against him often devolve into wars of attrition.

Not only displaying great physical strength, but Superalloy Blackluster is also the most durable superhero in S-Class. When other heroes of higher levels are shown to be wounded, Superalloy's skin appears to be undamaged. According to him, this is a result of intense bodybuilding making his muscles stronger than steel.Ch. 67

Bad (バッド, Baddo)30/12/15, also known by his hero name, Metal Bat (金属バット, Kinzoku Batto), ranked 15,Ch. 30 is a superhero sporting an indestructible metal bat and street fighting skills.Ch. 30, 33 He is assigned to be the bodyguard of a Hero Association patron Narinki and his son. In addition to his equipment, he is shown to utilize superhuman physical strength and exudes a "fighting spirit" that lets him grow stronger as he sustains heavy injuries. Metal Bat has a large soft spot for his little sister Zenko (ゼンコ) often trying to appeal to or spoil her.Ch. 52-56 However, she often scolds him for his behavior, displaying a greater level of maturity despite their age difference. Other than his love for his sister, he is also very sympathetic like Saitama, having disagreed with other heroes about killing the opponent who is already weakened like Garou.Ch. 241 041b061a72


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