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Spice And Wolf Season 2 Episode 1

Spice and Wolf is an anime television series adapted from the light novel series of the same name by Isuna Hasekura and Jū Ayakura.[1] The episodes are directed by Takeo Takahashi and animated and produced by Imagin.[2] The story follows a 25-year-old man traveling merchant named Kraft Lawrence who meets Holo, a female wolf deity of wheat. Holo, bound to a nearby town by an old promise to ensure good harvest, escapes with Lawrence when the townspeople stopped believing in her. Lawrence takes her north toward her homeland, Yoitsu, and she helps him with his business transactions in return.

spice and wolf season 2 episode 1

The first season of the anime aired between January 9 and March 26, 2008 on the Chiba TV Japanese television network,[3] and was later released on six DVD compilation volumes, each containing two episodes, though the first compilation contains three episodes.[4] The volumes were released between April 2 and August 29, 2008 by Pony Canyon.[5][6] The third volume, released on May 30, 2008, contains episode six of the television broadcast in addition to the unaired episode seven, which is included as an original video animation (OVA).[4][7] A Blu-ray Disc (BD) box set of the series was released on January 30, 2009 in Japan by Pony Canyon.[8] The anime is licensed for release in English by Kadokawa Pictures USA and Funimation Entertainment,[9][10] and a complete 13-episode Region 1 DVD box set was released on December 22, 2009 in North America.[11]

The only fault I had with Spice & Wolf 2 is that you could really feel the choppy transition that Light novel adaptations get when they are adapted into anime. Some episodes felt like they were either cut short or too long, there was an over arching arc to the entire show but it just was not composed that well. Other than that I find it hard to find fault with this series, it built upon all the good points of the first season and improved on all the bad ones. There is no other form of entertainment out there like Spice and Wolf and even if you are a fan of the Moe elements in the show (which there are plenty),the serious mature romance between the two leads or the in depth discussion on Economics this is something that you will constantly return to for that unique fix that only anime, that only Spice and Wolf can give you. 041b061a72


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