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Buy Bulk Popped Popcorn

We popped into the scene in 2007 and have provided the freshest, natural and best tasting popcorn in the market. Here at Just Popped, we live by our company core values: BE HAPPY. BE HUMBLE. BE GOOD.

buy bulk popped popcorn

Be Happy Do a little happy dance when you eat our popcorn because it is Simply delicious! We believe healthy snacks should taste good too. You can have it all! Be sure to smile today... it's contagious!

Theater Style from Popcorn Fix is our buttery popped and seasoned gourmet popcorn. Our small batches are made to your order. Our popcorn fixers start with American grown premium Non-GMO popcorn kernels that are oil popped in our specially seasoned coconut oil. We use a traditional butterfly type kernel. It has a rich buttery and salty flavor. Our award winning family recipes use the finest ingredients because we want you to experience the same yummy goodness that our family has loved for generations.

A 15-gallon bulk bag is great for foodservice, schools, churches, caterers or if YOU just really need a lot of popcorn. Once you start you will not stop until you see the bottom of the bag. As sad as that is, your next Theater Style popcorn fix is just an order away! Buy your 15-gallon bulk bag of Popcorn Fix Theater Style gourmet popcorn today!

From the sweet to the savory, we cut out the nonsense. Our popcorn contains no GMOs, no artificially added coloring, and no preservatives. With every batch of gourmet popcorn, Popped's goal is to deliver fresh, quality product. Each flavor is thoughtfully crafted so that you can feel good about our choices.

Our ready popped popcorn is popped fresh daily, then packaged into our large 4.5-lb. bulk bag, ready to serve. Enjoy the crunchy taste of freshly popped popcorn anytime, anywhere. Serve alone, blend with your favorite spices, or mix with other flavor varieties.

With its self-contained stove-top popping pan, Jiffy Pop offers a fresh homemade taste no microwave popcorn can match. Since 1959, Jiffy Pop has been perfected using the finest corn kernels to create the ultimate popping experience.

Theater quality popcorn! Pop Weaver Gourmet Popcorn is unequalled in Quality. Expansion: 46 - 50Provides tha most servings per pound - the Gold standard for Concession Popcorn. Tender Butterfly Popcorn with low breakage.

Specially grown & processed to be the best tasting popcorn available. Pop Weaver Gourmet Gold Popcorn produces the large, crunchy popcorn just like you'd get at the movies. Weaver Gold provides the most servings per pound of tender butterfly kernels. Perfect for concession popping providing high yields, less breakage and tender eating. Save money by buying the bulk size.

Weaver Gold is a special Hybrid that consistently pops up bigger than the competitive brands. The most advanced breeding known to popcorn produces a hybrid that gets better with every season. This superior kernel produces the largest, best tasting, crunchiest popcorn in the industry.

After 85 years in business, Weaver Popcorn supplies more of the popcorn consumed throughout the world than any other company. Located in Indiana, Weaver maintains total control of their popcorn for quality every step of the way - from growing the corn to packaging and shipping. There's nothing like "Home Grown"!

The pioneer of sweet popcorn, Glaze Pop burst onto the scene in the 80s and hasn't looked back since. With an amazing array of flavors and sizes, Glaze Pop is the worldwide leader in sweet popcorn taste. Just add the Red Strawberry #2574 mix to your kettle with your corn and oil for an irresistible flavor. (50-lb. bulk - Case Count: 1)

Karen was fully attentive and reassuring throughout the process of me ordering and receiving this bulk popcorn to make sure it came on time. The popcorn was still crunchy despite being in a bulk bag! I ordered this for a university movie night and they all liked it. Will order more frequently from here :)

We bought plain unbuttered 1kg bags to stat the ball rolling at our primary movie night - then topped up 'bottomless' bags from our fresh popper. Couldn't taste the difference - was just like the fresh popped. Thanks for providing with no salt or flavour to accomodate allergies. will order again

Product is satisfactory however I was told by the person on the phone that the popcorn will be delivered within the next day or two as I ordered from Melbourne, in time for an event 3 days after in the mid afternoon. The delivery notice even has an E.T.A. of the next day delivery. I not only did not receive the popcorn not within 1 or two days but 3 days later and in the evening rendering the popcorn effectively useless for the original purpose I bought it for, forcing me to spend extra money to arrange other food. This time restraint was noted down by the lady on the phone but your courier service, which was not cheap at all, completely failed in its act and didn't even list down on the box that there was food contained within the box even though there is literally fairy floss labelled on the side. Pleasure to deal with over the phone, useless nightmare of delivery

While trying to adapt our offerings to all types of events, we make and sell our pre-popped popcorn in sleeves of 1.5kg or 3kg with cinema-style sweet, salty or caramel flavours and we have also put together a list of bundle deals for different quantities of sleeves that include balanced quantities of bags, boxes or tubs. Explore your options below!

The organic white butterfly popcorn kernels are usually in the 70-80 kernels per 10 gram range. This particular variety of organic white butterfly popcorn kernels have a unique sweet smell and pop into very tender flakes. Our precision sizing equipment ensures that we are using the perfect kernels for the most tender pop.

A huge 3kg box of traditional butter flavoured popcorn! This is ideal for fundraising or for movie nights -- many schools make money by bagging this up, or serving it in cones at an event. Depending on serving size, one carton can give 100 serves. (30g is about a large coffee cup's worth of popcorn)

In our opinion, the most important wedding-day must-haves are as follows: bride, groom, popcorn. To ensure you have your popcorn on the day of, we suggest placing your order no later than two weeks before your event.

That being said, we know how satisfying it can be to cross off something on your to-do list, so you can always place your order in advance. Just let us know in the customer comment section at checkout that this is for a wedding, and let us know the date you would like to receive it. We suggest you have the popcorn delivered two to three days before the event. That way you can relax knowing it has arrived, and the popcorn will stay very fresh in that amount of time.

Flavor categories for popcorn bags below. You provide the labels of your choice and design or we'll help you. Label applciation included in price. Label cost not including. Pricing above for indivdiual seriving of 2 cups. Many other sizes available listed below the flavor category table.

Are you looking for a delicious snack? If so, you might want to consider popcorn. Popcorn is a classic, consistent snack that provides a wide variety of tastes. In addition to the numerous toppings, you can add to your popcorn, there are different shapes, textures, and shapes you may enjoy as well. Here at Shumway Farms, we are proud to be one of the top producers of popcorn in the world. Throughout the years, we have expanded the products and services we provide. That way, we can help you tailor your popcorn experience to meet your specific requirements. Take a look at some types of popcorn kernels we offer below!

One unique option you may not have heard about is white popcorn kernels. Many people think about movie theater popcorn when they hear about this snack; however, white popcorn is a bit different. White popcorn kernels are a bit smaller than traditional popcorn kernels. In addition, white popcorn kernels are also a bit sweeter. Instead of the salty, savory flavor many people are used to when it comes to popcorn, white popcorn has a delicious, sweet flavor that simply cannot be mimicked by any microwave bag.

In addition, you also have a lot of options when you are trying to pop white popcorn. For example, if you would like to use a traditional stovetop method, you can certainly do that. If you would like to use an air popper to pop white popcorn, creating a low-fat snack, you can certainly do that as well. Even though you can use oil to pop white popcorn, this is not required. When white popcorn kernels are exposed to heat, they immediately open up into fluffy blooms that have a satisfying crunch in the mouth. The white popcorn kernel is perfect for making our favorite cinnamon sugar popcorn.

Finally, white popcorn also contains a lot of fiber. This is just another reason why this is a healthier option for those who are looking for popcorn. If you are looking for something a bit different, why not give our white popcorn a try? We are confident that once you try it, you will fall in love with it!

Of course, we also offer other types of popcorn as well. At Shumway Farms, one of our most popular options is our mushroom-style popcorn kernels. This type of popcorn gets its name from its unique shape. Instead of popping open with a bunch of wings, mushroom popcorn kernels explode into round balls when they are exposed to heat. This provides mushroom-style popcorn with a number of unique qualities.

The biggest difference between mushroom-style popcorn and traditional popcorn is that it is significantly stronger. Because of the round shape, it can stand up to heavier weights, including specific types of toppings. For example, if you are someone who likes to add caramel to your popcorn, then mushroom-style popcorn is probably the best choice for you. Or, if you are someone who would like to add melted cheese, you may also want to reach for mushroom-style popcorn. Because of the round shape, mushroom popcorn is not going to collapse when it is exposed to heavier weights. This kernel is also perfect for making those famous popcorn balls. 041b061a72


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