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Best Place To Buy Socks

More and more companies are beginning to sell socks made with high-quality materials and innovative features, and in really fun colors and patterns. Still, lots of people don't want to spend the money on these socks for themselves, which is why they make such a great gift.

best place to buy socks

The brains behind Bombas spent two years obsessively researching, testing, and developing their product to create a sock that was rid of all common sock-related inconveniences. Bombas has thoughtful additions to make sure they're the most comfortable socks you'll wear. For example, their ankle socks are equipped with a tab to prevent blisters, and their calf socks use stay-up technology to make sure they stay put. The company even makes fun holiday packs for the family.

Take a look at its site and it's clear that HappySocks doesn't take itself too seriously. From smiley faces and polka dots, to hot dogs and four leaf clovers, HappySocks has a huge variety of socks covered in unique designs. HappySocks even has holiday themed socks and curated gift boxes. The company also frequently collaborates with other brands and icons for limited edition styles. Right now you can find limited edition styles inspired by Andy Warhol, The Beatles, Stutterheim, Wiz Khalifa, and Keith Haring. Anyone with eccentric style will love adding a pair of these to their wardrobe.

Jimmy Lion was started by two MBA students in New York when they realized that socks were pretty neglected compared to other accessories. To counter this, they started making socks that stand out. Jimmy Lion offers classic styles with a twist, like striped gym socks with animal prints, and more funky patterns, like a bright cactus print. The company also gives you the option to customize your own pack of socks (either a four-pack or 10-pack). So, you can mix and match pairs for a truly unique gift that they'll want to show off.

Unlike most of the brands on this list, MrMiSocki is actually a subscription service, but you don't just get socks. MrMiSocki makes limited edition socks inspired by comic book characters, and their subscription boxes come with a comic book and a pair of mismatched socks inspired by characters from that volume. Signing up is free, but the subscription itself is $15 and is delivered once every three months. These boxes make a unique gift and are a cool way to give socks a story.

With a subscription, you'll get one pair of socks delivered right to your door each month, at a discounted membership rate of $8 (regularly, socks cost $12). A gift card is a great way to gift this service to someone you think could use a sock surprise each month. If you'd rather just pick the pair yourself, you have that option too.

Our hiking enthusiasts have tested dozens of the best hiking socks over hundreds of miles in the last 11 years. This update features 14 of the market's top options that we compared side-by-side, trekking the globe in search of the most epic outdoor adventures. Our test socks get soaked, compressed, wrung out, smashed with dirt, and washed in rivers. After hundreds of hands-on testing hours and meticulous assessments, we hope to help you find the best hiking socks for your performance needs and ambitions.

We've been testing footwear for well over a decade now. From the top hiking boots and best hiking shoes to top trail running shoes, we know a thing or three about keeping feet happy. We've put every pair up to rigorous testing to find the best shoes and boots, so no matter what kind of excursion you're heading out on, we can help you choose the right gear for the job and the right companion for your new socks.

Unfortunately, extra padding means less breathability, and this design does not incorporate a breathable instep like most lighter hiking socks. So this isn't our top choice for the warmest of weather, though it does wick sweat very well. Also, the upfront cost is a little steep. That said, given the excellent warranty that allows you to exchange them if they ever wear out, it is a worthwhile purchase. Look no further if you are looking for a boot-capable, durable, cold-weather sock with excellent underfoot cushioning.

While this sock is nicely priced, its performance doesn't hold up to some of our higher-scoring options. Even though it's a Merino wool blend, it integrates more synthetic material which doesn't thermoregulate as well as socks with a higher wool percentage. Additionally, one of our testers found that the toe box isn't well fitted for those with narrow feet and bunches up, especially when wet (those with wider feet had no complaints.) While these concerns are valid, it's hard to find a Merino-synthetic blend sock that matches value with performance. The Danish has shown piling, compaction, and thread wear after two years of use, but it's still usable. Additionally, the three-pack means you get each pair for less than half the price of other socks, extending your mileage. For the fashionable, they also come in multi-color packs so you can color coordinate with your favorite outdoor threads.

We had to get out of the heat to test these warmest of socks. The Smartwool Classic Mountaineer Maximum Cushion is built for cold, wintry weather. It features one of the highest wool contents of anything in our lineup and plenty of thickness to keep your toes toasty when the temps turn frigid. We are highly impressed not only by its ability to keep feet warm but also by its wicking and breathability. We tested this sock in boots on a hot (90s F) workday and were blown away that our feet never felt sweaty. When it was time to kick back and take off our boots, our skin was very warm but also surprisingly dry.

The Darn Tough Light Hiker Micro Crew offers a thinner, more breathable construction if you're looking for something for the warmer months of the year. The high concentration of nylon provides powerful wicking power while the breathable stitching on the instep keeps your foot ventilated. This is the sock to wear if your feet sweat a lot or you find yourself in hot places. The height is compatible with low or mid-calf hiking boots or running shoes, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Its drying speed is impeccable, keeping feet dry on long adventures.

This sock will offer plenty of warmth while in motion (given its high proportion of Merino wool), but it won't offer the same warmth while standing still or sleeping. We would not choose the Light Hiker for winter camping or standing around in the cold. However, if breathable and durable construction is what you seek, then you'll be a happy camper in these socks.

The Wigwam Hiking Outdoor Pro is one of our longest-tested socks and has proven its longevity and breathability in warm weather. We've been testing this sock for over seven years, and it is still going strong. After hundreds of miles, some of the fabric is thinning, but remarkably, we haven't torn through. The 100% synthetic construction provides excellent breathability with durable fibers. It'll dry relatively quickly on the trail (compared to other medium-weight socks), making it a good option for both soggy and dry environments.

This review is brought to you by Amber King and Jon Oleson. Amber is an endurance athlete that loves to trail run, splitboard, hike, and backpack. She spends most of her time exploring places in remote, trail-less tundra and rocky and exposed areas surrounding Ouray, Colorado. Additionally, she makes a point of traveling for fastpacking adventures worldwide to remote 100+ mile trail systems. Jon has spent a lifetime in the outdoors. He grew up hunting, fishing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, climbing, and camping across the state of Utah. These days Jon spends much of the year farming and gardening in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. When his hands aren't in the soil, he journeys to wild, remote places to explore and sleep in the vast tranquility. These days his adventures often surround his two young kids, who enjoy getting out to play in the woods and rivers with their dad.

This review compares lightweight, medium, and heavy cushion hiking socks with functionality for all adventures. We consider options suitable for different seasons, with varying levels of protection. We evaluate each using five core metrics, comparing each sock against the different metrics to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Getting a durable sock that won't break down after minimal use is super important. Some socks offer better durability and, thus, more mileage for your money. Others are low-priced or sold in bulk to increase their value.

The Wigwam Hiking Outdoor Pro is a synthetic sock that provides good cushioning and breathability for warmer weather pursuits. While it isn't as warm as wool socks of comparable thickness, this can be a benefit in the right conditions. Bottom line is that this is a good general trekking sock if you're on a budget.

We also like the Danish Endurance Unisex Merino. These socks come in a three-pack, making them one of the lowest-priced pairs that we've tested. They are durable enough and have a unique breathable design that keeps your feet feeling dry. These are great socks if you're looking for some general hiking/work socks that won't break the bank.

When testing this metric, we considered many variables that contribute to comfort. This includes panels of cushioning, relative thickness, and snugness of fit. We note how each pair feels during low and high-intensity exercise, specifically backpacking, hiking, and running over technical and smooth surfaces. After taking on challenges that push our physical limits, we lay back and observe which is most comfortable for lounging. Socks that fit well with midweight cushioning and a Merino wool composition are typically the most comfortable around the house or fire. Thick wool winter socks are usually most comfortable for sleeping. Those that are a tube of fabric without strategic architecture are less comfortable for adventuring many miles. This review is for both men and women, so we note which socks are unisex and which have designs that are specific to both men and women. 041b061a72


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