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Where Can I Buy Ink Stamps

With Trodat self-inking stamps, when the time comes to change the ink pad, simply click out the old pad and refill with stamp ink, or click in a new one! With IStamp pre-inked stamps, a few drops of oil-based ink will have you stamping again in no time! Trodat date stamps have individual, changeable number bands for month, date, and year.

where can i buy ink stamps

We are proud to be your custom rubber stamp maker! Unlike many companies, we do not outsource to another manufacturer. We make all of our personalized stamps in-house in Bettendorf, IA. Skilled craftspeople carefully assemble each order by hand before fully testing the personalized rubber stamps for a quality impression.

That really depends on how frequently you intend to use your stamps. Self-Inking Stamps are best for when you need to make rapid impressions, like signatures or addresses. Pre-Inked Stamps are ideal for leaving crisp impressions, like detailed artwork or graphics.

Whether you\'re sending out bills or thank you cards, getting them ready to mail is a lot of work! Save yourself some time and add a little polish to your envelopes with customizable rubber stamps from Zazzle! Looking for something specific to add that perfect touch to your wedding invites? Make the envelope stand out with a return address stamp to add to all your wedding mailings.

Zazzle offers a full range of customizable designs that are sure to wow your mail recipients. Have you also been searching for stamps to make life around the office a whole lot easier? Pair your new stamps with professional business cards, general office supplies and even a new desk name plate. With Zazzle and your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Give a polished look and add a personal touch to your stationery with your very own stamps. Order affordable self-inking rubber stamps in-store and choose custom options like size, ink color and more.

When it comes to displaying your brand or organization proudly with a professional look, there are few options as effective as customized rubber stamps. These small items are an essential tool no office should be without. Instantly label important documents and files, sign your name, or display the date easier than ever with our fantastic products. We have spent more than two decades hard at work to provide the largest selection of high-quality stamps to people around the world, to deliver a completely customized experience for anyone in need of an authentic and professional look.

We have grown from a small operation in sunny San Marcos, California to an international effort to provide fully customizable products at a great price. Our years of experience have enabled us to handle the most common issues and questions people have about rubber stamps, and we have fine tuned our process to be as quick and easy as possible. Not only can you expect the best prices on quality stamps, but you can also rest assured that shopping for your unique look will be quick and painless. We will work with you to design a completely personal look that will match your style and needs so that you can get a stamp you will love for years to come.

Choose from hundreds of options with our extensive collection of rubber stamps. We have grown our inventory over the years to include pre-inked and self-inking products, wood and heavy duty, seal, monogram, date, and signature stamps, and more. With a variety of color options and the ability to include your choice of personalized text and art, the options are truly limitless. Our process is simple and quick, and after you complete your order you will be using your new products in no time at all!

Not only is our collection of options extensive, but we also offer the best prices on the market as well. Enjoy low prices on high volume orders that will help you make the most of your budget! Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we are always ready to help you get the rubber stamps you need as quickly and easily as possible. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need help with your order; we are always ready to assist you!

Clear stamps manufactured and sold by Mama Elephant are proudly made in the USA and manufactured from the highest quality photopolymer. While they stamp like traditional rubber stamps, clear stamps gives you the extra benefit of allowing you to see exactly where you're stamping! Learn more about our products HERE!

Here at Creative Rubber Stamps, know how vital your signature is for personal and professional use! When you choose our expertly made self-inking signature stamps, you will have picked the best rubber stamps on the market!

If you have a lot of documents that you need to sign, a traditional signature stamp would require you to repeatedly re-ink your rubber stamp on an ink pad while you work. Self-inking personalized stamps allow you to work more efficiently, and you can rely on the perfect stamp every time!

At Creative Rubber Stamps, we carry only the best customizable stamps on the market. For our signature stamps, we carry Ideal / Trodat Printy brand stamps, which always leave clear, crisp impressions.

Creative Rubber Stamps is here to meet your stamping needs. With over twenty years in the business, we provide products that have stood the test of time. Create your custom self-inking signature stamps order here with the easy and convenient online order form for a quick, quality, color-filled, crafty, commendable Ideal or Trodat self-inking rubber stamp!

I thought this was a cool idea to see where the bills you once had end up. So i decided to get a stamp of my own. Once I see this one with my hometown right on the stamp I knew that was the one. I love how a picture of my state and city's name is right on the bill as it floats around the country and maybe even world! Perfectly made and love the added star on the state to show where my city is. Can't wait to see where my Georges end up... 5 STARS, thanks again!

Our traditional wood handle stamps and art mount stamps are assembled by hand. Unlike some stamp manufacturers, who just keep a few stock sizes of pre-assembled handles, our stamp handles are custom cut to match the size of your rubber die. That way there are no excess margins to catch ink. That also means you get a clean, clear impression every time.

Artists and crafters love our "art mount" stamps. These are genuine red rubber stamp dies mounted on beautiful clear finish maple blocks. They're custom made, with your graphic image or text (or both.) Minimum order: 1 stamp.

Whenever we do stamping projects in the studio we usually use stamp pads we've made ourselves. Homemade stamp pads are less expensive than store-bought and allow us to customize their size and the type of pigment we use in them. To make our stamps, we use upholstery foam, a polystyrene (like Styrofoam) tray, and a hot glue gun. Upholstery foam is sold by the yard at fabric stores, and sometimes in packages at craft stores, and it's worth the effort to find a coupon if you're going to use it and purchase a lot. It doesn't need to be super-dense or thick, maybe 1/2" or 3/4". A fine and less-expensive alternative are dish sponges.

Hot-glue a piece of upholstery foam (or a sponge) to the polystyrene foam tray or a dessert-sized plastic plate. The tray should be just larger than the foam, and the foam should be just larger than the stamps you plan to use.Use a plastic spoon, palette knife, or spatula to smear tempera or other water-based soluble paint into the upholstery foam. The first time you load the pad, it will take a fair amount of paint. Now it's ready to use. Easy, right? If you plan to use the stamp pad the next day, just slip it into a zippered bag to keep moist. Let it air dry with the paint on if you won't be using it again within a few days. Mold will grow if on a wet stamp pad if it's left too long in a sealed bag. When you're ready to use the stamp pad again, just spritz it with a little water and add more paint. If you've been to the studio you know we offer a specific selection of materials to explore and we arrange multiple sets of those materials around the room so they are available to whoever stops in to experiment. When we include stamp pads in our projects we usually use just one color in all the stamp pads. That's so they don't all end up turning brownish-black from the stamps traveling around the room. Kids usually notice color attributes before shape or pattern, so by keeping the stamp pads to a single color, the shape and pattern could share the spotlight with color. We did also offer colored pencils in this project so that more colors could be included in our guests' designs. We've used traditional black ink stamp pads in projects before, but we find they work best for smaller, rubber stamps. They aren't ideal for our large round-handled stamps. They also make parents of young children nervous with all their blackness and permanence, so we try to avoid setting up our guests for stress about non-washable messes. Kids do love the drama of black, but that's a subject for another time. We use a lot of different kind of stamps in the studio, some are purchased through art and school suppliers, but many are home made. Check out our posts Make Your Own Foam Stamp for some home-made stamp ideas. 041b061a72


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