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Beautiful work needs to be seen. Our clients receive access to not only our unmatched creative talents but also our expretiese in PR and publication exposure. We work with you to create next level content and then continue your marketing with the right blogs, magazines and print sources.

only kristin.mp4

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This summer I had the time of my life interning at Tumblr with the awesome Android team. Fun fact: there are currently only five full-time developers on the team creating one of the top Android apps on the market with tens of millions of downloads! This meant that even as an intern I got to create interesting front-facing features that really matter to our users. This involved seeing new features through from their inception through design, implementation, testing, revisions, and ultimately their release to all of our users, which was incredibly rewarding.

@straku hacked together a new way of viewing reblog trails. We commonly get feedback that reblog trails are difficult to understand, so styling them differently to make the information clearer is fun to try out!

Kristen Stewart walking into a gym braless in a tight white top that shows the outline of her nipples and in skimpy white shorts with white thong panties underneath with the bottom of her ass hanging out as she stands in line to check in while stretching showing off her butt and then bends over showing her cleavage as she steals a badge from the guy in front of her before briefly talking with the receptionist and then walking off only to turn back to check out an attractive girl who just walked in. From Charlie's Angels.

Domestic violence is a very serious issue not only for victims, but also for the accused These matters need to be taken seriously by all persons involved and Hampson Family Law can represent you to achieve the necessary result.

"Many people just ask the question, 'Well, is it safe or not? Like, am I riding around in something that a MakerBot printed?'" Rogers told The Verge, name checking a prominent brand of consumer-oriented 3D printer. "The answer is, not only is it as safe, but it will be safer in the future."

e.g. 'student_handout'This will be the name of the downloaded file. By defaultthe system will generate this based on the title you specified and the type of file. If you specify a name here it will over-ride the automatically generated name. This is generally onlyuseful when uploading file of a type not recognized by the system (not in the list offile types above). In that situation choose File Type: Unknown Binary and include the appropriate suffix in the file name here. e.g. myfile.m3z Avoid spaces or special characters in the file names.

Without permission you should not upload the file. There are several options in this case:You can contact the original author to get permission.You can provide a link to (or a description of how to get) the original material rather than uploading it here.You can find a substitute that isn't encumbered by copyright.You can create a substitute yourself. Remember, ideas can't be copyrighted, only particular expressions of those ideas. Of course you'll want to give credit the original author.The Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Center has more good information about copyright as it applies to academic settings.

With the Run-2 and Run-3 expected datasets, over 500 leptonic ssWWjj events are expected (W -> lv, l=e,mu), of which 35 events have two longitudinally polarised W boson, i.e. sWWjj(LL). More data is expected in Run-4 at the HL-LHC, but will not be sufficient to observe the process using only leptonic decays of the W boson.

The ATLAS experiment has been in successful operation at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) since 2009, collecting data from proton-proton collisions of up to $\sqrts$ = 13 TeV. It is now gearing up to collect its majority of data at the high luminosity LHC. For this, upgrades are underway to face the challenge of a significant increase in number of interactions per bunch-crossing (pile-up), large detector occupancies and unprecedented collision rates. However, the upgrades will not only allow us to probe the Standard Model with greater precision and comb through finer statistics for new phenomena. It will also be an opportunity to enhance the physics potential of the experiment beyond just increasing the available data sets.The upgrade will include a replacement of the inner tracker and a new timing detector as well as improvements in trigger acquisition and strategy. This talk will summarise the status and expected performance of these projects followed by how these upgrades are envisaged to boost the physics potential of the experiment for the HL-LHC. 041b061a72


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