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Is It Better To Rebuild Or Buy A New Transmission

The first issue to consider is how extensive the damage is. Some parts are easily replaced and simple repairs can be made, especially if the problem is detected early on. However, if there is major damage, making numerous repairs can add up and may not completely resolve all the issues within the transmission. Generally speaking, you should have simple repairs done if the problem can be fixed. If the repairs are much more involved, though, you may consider a rebuild or replacement. It might actually be less expensive than making a bunch of repairs or having to deal with more repairs later as the issues compound over time.

is it better to rebuild or buy a new transmission

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Some damage goes beyond the repair of a single component, however. Over time, wear and tear can cause damage to the gears and other components that need tight tolerances to function properly. When this happens, a rebuild is needed to replace the parts with new or remanufactured parts.

Completely rebuilding a transmission involves removing the transmission and completely disassembling it. Each component is inspected for damage or excessive wear. Parts that are in good shape will be cleaned for use in the reassembled transmission, while any parts that need to be replaced will be taken care of at this point. Clutches, seals, gaskets, and any other wear items will be replaced as well.

Even though a transmission repair can cost a lot, it is worth doing it right the first time with someone you can trust. A repair shop that knows how to correctly diagnose what the problem really is and how to fix it the right way is ideal. There are actually three different options when it comes to getting your transmission back to a good working condition-make sure that the right option is chosen for your particular issue.

When repairing a transmission you are basically replacing the minimum amount of parts so that the transmission is brought back to good working condition. This typically costs less, so it is smart to get the right diagnosis of your transmission the first time around.

One thing to keep in mind with a replace is the transmission is redone in a factory setting. The positive to having this done is that the people working on it can be skilled specifically to that particular transmission. The transmission you are replacing it with will be updated to the pre-built factory specifications. There can be positive implications with this depending on your overall goal and how bad your transmission has failed.

A transmission rebuild is a great option in most cases. This means you are only replacing the parts that have failed. Just like a replace, you are fixing certain parts, but not doing it in a factory setting. You will want a very reputable repair shop to have this done.

You may want to have a rebuild over a replace because it can cost less because it is not done on the factory level. Also, often times it is known that having it done in a factory setting does not necessarily mean that all the parts are brand new from the manufacturer. You are simply having a different type of mechanic replacing the parts. In most cases, brand new transmissions are only done when new cars are produced.

When rebuilding a transmission, you will be putting in parts such as the seals, gaskets, clutch, bands, etc. These are most often what are worn out in a transmission when it is taken apart. The auto repair shop will disassemble and clean the parts first. Then a new torque converter is used and the solenoids will be replaced. Once all this has been finished, the transmission will be reassembled and put back into your vehicle, so make sure you have a mechanic that knows what they are doing during every step of the process.

For nearly 50 years, AAMCO Centers have become the trusted experts in the diagnosis, service and maintenance of transmissions. Call AAMCO first. Before starting any repair, we will perform our extensive TranScan diagnosis on your transmission.

Manufacturers are always tweaking their products. When a transmission is remanufactured, the new version includes updates that have been made in the years since the transmission was built. Past updates have included things like improved friction material and valve design and more precisely machined internal parts.

Because remanufactured transmissions have been completely overhauled and all components replaced, they come with longer warranties, usually two or three years compared to two or three months for rebuilt transmissions.

Therefore, if you still love your car and want to keep it, you have 2 options: get a rebuilt transmission or a remanufactured one. But what is a rebuilt transmission, and what is a remanufactured transmission? Is there any difference between the two? Comparing these options will help you make the right choice or decision.

Remanufacturing a transmission is a process that involves shipping the original factory-fitted transmission to the manufacturing facility, where the repair team does its best to restore the unit to factory standards.

The entire remanufacturing process is quite similar to rebuilding a faulty transmission. To remanufacture a failed transmission, it is, first of all, disassembled, cleaned thoroughly, and carefully inspected. Then, every component deemed out of specification, damaged, or overly worn is replaced.

Rebuilding a transmission costs anything from $2,800 to $3,800. This depends on parts, labor, and unforeseen circumstances. This is cheaper than buying a brand-new transmission which often costs between $4,000 and $8,000. This depends heavily on the model and make of your vehicle.

Rebuilding a transmission or remanufacturing one involves mixing old and new parts. The difference between the 2 processes is that every key component in a remanufactured transmission is brand-new. Dyno testing helps prevent any problems even before the transmission leaves the factory.

The warranty for rebuilt transmissions is relatively basic, though the repair costs are covered up to 12 months. However, you are not permitted to repair the transmission in any repair shop of choice if it somehow fails during operation.

These technicians are capable of fixing your transmission into tip-top shape so that your vehicle can run smoothly again. The option you choose will also depend on how deep your pocket is, the turnaround time, warranty, etc.

The transmission is built with a melody of gears, levers, synchro, and other devices. While attempts can be made to fix a transmission by only fixing easily parts accessible on the exterior, the issue may not be addressed.

Depending on the car make, model, year, and which transmission it has, a transmission rebuild can cost a rather good amount of change, starting around $2500 and up. While that is a lot of money for the immediate time, it can save you money over the short-term and keep a new car payment at bay.

When your car quits rolling because the transmission died, it is an unplanned expense. Your mechanic gives you some options, one being a transmission replacement vs transmission rebuild, but which one is better?

Is the problem a big enough problem that the only option is to replace it with a new transmission? Or will a transmission rebuild, changing a few components inside it, be enough? Which way is the better way? Why repair or rebuild a transmission?

Financially, immediately, a transmission rebuild is the less expensive way to go when using new factory parts like the bands, clutch, gaskets, and seals. Once the mechanic gets your transmission out and taken apart, they may find it needs a new torque converter and solenoid, which will raise the cost.

When a transmission is goes bad, there is the option of having it fixed by replacing only the parts that are damaged. Or you can buy a used transmission from a scrap yard and hope it works. Most mechanics will tell you the best and most sound way to fix your transmission worries is a transmission rebuild. Why? Here are the three sound reasons from seasoned mechanics:

Repairing your transmission could mean anything from replacing a single part to a series of parts. Components like input shafts and solenoids may be replaced with relative ease, saving you time and money over a full-blown transmission rebuild. If your transmission is leaking fluid, it may just require replacing seals or gaskets. In both of these instances, the specific part may be covered under manufacturer warranty.

So how much are you looking at spending? A rebuild may cost you between $2800 and $3800 depending on labor, parts, and unforeseen circumstances. A rebuilt transmission is still relatively cheaper than a new one, which could cost between $4,000 and $8,000 depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Along with money, time is also an important factor when considering a transmission rebuild. If your transmission is simple and widely available, a specialist may be able to rebuild it in a day. What you really have to factor in is how much time it takes your transmission specialist to diagnose the problem, remove your transmission, order parts (if necessary), complete the actual rebuild or repair and then reinstall the whole unit in your vehicle. There are also other factors that determine how long it takes to rebuild a transmission, but generally, a transmission shop dedicates a full day to each step in the repair or rebuild process.

When it comes to cost, labor is the biggest factor to consider when rebuilding a transmission. Experienced transmission rebuilders may average two common transmission rebuilds a day, but more complicated transmissions may take a full day to rebuild. Exotic and European models also add more time to the process given their complexity and specialty components. 041b061a72


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