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!!HOT!! Mastering The Mix ANIMATE 1.1.2

Pulsar Massive is an emulation of the Manley Massive Passive* EQ that is present in almost every mastering studio in the world. This machine was designed as a synthesis of the best passive equalizers of the last 70 years, and several distinct features in the design give it an absolutely unique sound.

!!HOT!! Mastering The Mix ANIMATE 1.1.2

Using Kirk's soon-to-be-released remix of 'Room Without a View' by Steven Rutter & Bryoni from their album 'Starcrossed', this is a fascinating insight into how Kirk carries out his mixdown process. Starting with the export and import from one DAW to another to separate the production side of track creation and begin with fresh ears, we set up the mix before going through each element and bus group to fine-tune and get the track ready to be sent off for mastering. 350c69d7ab


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